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The Letters Page review in the TLS

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A nice review for The Letters Page, Vol. 1 in the TLS this week.

The epistolary form is currently enjoying a revival. The Letters Page, a literary journal, has reversed the digital trend, publishing a selection of letters from its previous online issues in a print edition. Freed from the confines of the screen, this project revels in its materiality: the paperback edition is accompanied by printed facsimiles of featured letters, tied with string that resembles the border stripe of an airmail envelope, and contained in a clamshell box of letterbox red.

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Letters are back. Pass it on!

Happy 2017!

Dear readers,

2016 was not a bad year for Book Ex Machina. We got to publish two great books with stories from some of our favorite writers in the world: Matchbook Stories continued with its 4th installment with stories by Ali Smith, Etgar Keret and others; and we made a beautiful boxed set of Jon McGregor’s The Letters Page with work by George Saunders, Naomi Alderman, Andrey Kurkov, Kevin Barry, Joanna Walsh and others; and from our tiny office in Nicosia we sold our books to people and bookshops around the world! 

Our first book Nicosia in Dark and White became part of the Yale Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript library, and in addition to Book Ex Machina we both continue to work on our personal work: Ioanna had some stories published and Thodoris is putting together some new photo projects

So here’s to 2016, difficult times and all, and to 2017! May we all have a great year and we can’t wait to share new books with you soon! Thank you all so much for your love and support! 

All our best wishes,

Book Ex Machina 

From me, with love: The Letters Page in the Guardian

A letter always arrives from the past… You wait for a letter to arrive. You wait for a reply. In the time it takes for the letter to reach its destination, anything can happen: minds be changed, lives lost, loves discovered. — Jon McGregor

Read all about the beginnings of The Letters Page in this Guardian article!

The Letters Page in the Guardian!

The Letters Page & The Lonesome Reader! 

Watch the first review of The Letters Page Vol. 1 from one of our favorite book people!

*update* And here’s the written review! <3 thank you Eric!

The Letters Page: flying everywhere Nov 2nd!

The Letters Page Vol.1

The Letters Page, Vol. 1

Say hello to our newest prettiest boxed set!


We are super excited to be publishing The Letters Page, Vol. 1, the first ever printed anthology of the excellent literary journal in letters The Letters Page!

Edited by Jon McGregor, the anthology contains letters from George Saunders, Andrey Kurkov, Naomi Alderman, Kevin Barry, Joanna Walsh, and others!

This beautiful limited-edition boxed set contains:

An illustrated book anthology of selected letters from The Letters Page‘s first seven issues, edited by Jon McGregor, with letters from George Saunders, Andrey Kurkov, Naomi Alderman, Kevin Barry, Joanna Walsh, and others; as well as a selection of brand new letters published here for the first time.

Also: loose-leaf reproductions of the writers’ original handwritten letters, on specialty papers.

Bonus: typographical portraits of the writers.

Available Nov 2nd, (and there will be two special launch events in Nottingham if you happen to be nearby) this item is ready for pre-order now. (Limited edition, so order yours now!)

The Letters Page, Vol. 1. 

Available to pre-order now.


Matchbook Stories Coloring Book Page!

Happy International Day Of Happiness and First Day of Spring! To make you even happier we made a coloring book page out of our Matchbook Stories Issue 4 cover. Get your colors out, print this PDF page, and enjoy!


Matchbook Stories cover coloring page, you can download the PDF here!

Matchbook Stories cover coloring page, you can download the PDF here!


MagCulture <3 Matchbook Stories!

Have you ever loved a story so much that you wished you could put it in your pocket and carry it around with you forever?


The stories are short, crisp and atmospheric, and they make good use of pacing (an important line break will often be followed by the turn of a page, making the words all the more emphatic). As soon as I started reading the stories, I immediately wanted to pass the matchbooks to different friends: it’s rare to find a magazine that you want to give away not because you don’t like it, rather because it’s so special that you actively want to share it.

Madeleine Morley wrote some wonderful things about Matchbook Stories Issue 4 in the wonderful MagCulture journal. You can read the whole thing here. (Also you can now buy Matchbook Stories from MagCulture in their beautiful London shop, and online.)

Out now: Matchbook Stories Issue 4!

It’s finally here! The latest issue of the tiniest literary magazine in the world!

Matchbook Stories Issue 4. With four amazing tiny stories by Ali Smith, Etgar Keret, Marti Leimbach, and Frances Gapper.






“Beautiful package and even more amazing little tiny stories inside. What a complete delight!” —Aimee Bender

“One of the most unusual and beautiful literary magazines in the world.”
—J. Robert Lennon

“Tiny but breathtaking stories… absolutely adorable… an art object that assures both style and substance.” —Smokelong Quarterly

“Beautifully designed and offering great tiny pieces, it is somewhere between a reading material and an aesthetic physical object.” —Etgar Keret

“What a delight they are to read” —The Review Review


“Books as Objects Should Be Beautiful.” Ioanna Mavrou talks to the Review Review about Matchbook Stories.

Review Review

When I pick up a literary magazine I’m usually filled with a certain degree of anticipation. But I’m not usually grinning as I sit down to read. Matchbook Stories is as unique a magazine as you are ever likely to find. “The tiniest literary magazine in the world,” Matchbook Stories is, as the name suggests, designed to look like a matchbox. Inside each small box are four stories, each printed on its own tiny matchbook, with cover art designed specifically for each. As expected, the stories are very short, but what a delight they are to read, not just because they are well-written, but because the magazine is three-dimensional, thereby making the act of opening the box and choosing which story to read first, much different than opening the covers of a more traditional magazine. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

—Sandy Ebner, The Review Review

Some nice words by Sandy Ebner who recently interviewed Ioanna Mavrou about Matchbook Stories. Read the whole interview at The Review Review and find out everything you ever wanted to know about Matchbook Stories!

Matchbook Stories in The Bookseller


Matchbook Series strikes a chord

Anna James interviewed Ioanna Mavrou about Matchbook Stories and wrote a nice piece in last week’s The Bookseller. You can read the whole thing here. (Also you can see find out a little bit about Issue 4–coming out in February!)

Read some tiny stories!

Why carry big books

Matchbook Stories on Sweet




Read some tiny stories

Recently: Matchbook Stories were one of the first things featured in Sweet’s launch week!


Matchbook Stories Pushcart Prize Nominations

Matchbook Stories Issue 3

It’s that time of the year and we are happy to announce our Pushcart Prize nominations:

“Asthma Attack” by Etgar Keret

“Fault” by J. Robert Lennon

“Ella: Now” by Tara L. Masih

“Verification” by Yorgos Trillidis

Congratulations to all the writers; we are super lucky to have published your great stories and thank you so so much for being a part of our tiny literary magazine adventure!

(All these stories can be found in Matchbook Stories Issue 3)


Aimee Bender loves Matchbook Stories!

Aimee Bender wrote to tell us how much she liked Matchbook Stories!

Beautiful package and even more amazing little tiny stories inside. What a complete delight!

So excited about this! AIMEE BENDER!

Matchbook Stories in the wild

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