“Books as Objects Should Be Beautiful.” Ioanna Mavrou talks to the Review Review about Matchbook Stories.

by Book Ex Machina

Review Review

When I pick up a literary magazine I’m usually filled with a certain degree of anticipation. But I’m not usually grinning as I sit down to read. Matchbook Stories is as unique a magazine as you are ever likely to find. “The tiniest literary magazine in the world,” Matchbook Stories is, as the name suggests, designed to look like a matchbox. Inside each small box are four stories, each printed on its own tiny matchbook, with cover art designed specifically for each. As expected, the stories are very short, but what a delight they are to read, not just because they are well-written, but because the magazine is three-dimensional, thereby making the act of opening the box and choosing which story to read first, much different than opening the covers of a more traditional magazine. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

—Sandy Ebner, The Review Review

Some nice words by Sandy Ebner who recently interviewed Ioanna Mavrou about Matchbook Stories. Read the whole interview at The Review Review and find out everything you ever wanted to know about Matchbook Stories!