MagCulture <3 Matchbook Stories!

by Book Ex Machina

Have you ever loved a story so much that you wished you could put it in your pocket and carry it around with you forever?


The stories are short, crisp and atmospheric, and they make good use of pacing (an important line break will often be followed by the turn of a page, making the words all the more emphatic). As soon as I started reading the stories, I immediately wanted to pass the matchbooks to different friends: it’s rare to find a magazine that you want to give away not because you don’t like it, rather because it’s so special that you actively want to share it.

Madeleine Morley wrote some wonderful things about Matchbook Stories Issue 4 in the wonderful MagCulture journal. You can read the whole thing here. (Also you can now buy Matchbook Stories from MagCulture in their beautiful London shop, and online.)